The Blueprint for a Successful Career

The Blueprint outlines proven strategies with relatable experiences guaranteed to help readers position themselves for a start to a long and successful career. This hands-on guide profiles a three-part process designed specifically to help young professionals make a lasting impression in their field through effective self-management tactics.¬†Tomorrow’s leaders must be led today, and The Blueprint is the guiding torch whereby young professionals and leaders alike may blaze the trail in unison.

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The Executive Image Workshop

The Executive Image workshop is widely regarded as the industry leader in professional presence training and development. Using interactive exercises, rising professionals and executives alike are instructed in the arenas of personal branding, digital etiquette, meeting room decorum, and the art of speaking without speaking using non-verbal skills.

We also cover the core competencies of emotional intelligence, i.e. the other kind of smart, by enhancing one’s ability to hear what their peers are saying when they aren’t talking. At the Executive Image, we recognize your personal brand is just as important, if not more, than its intended portrayal.

Our interactive workshop redefines the ABC’s as it relates to the key pillars of professional conduct: Appearance, Behavior and Communication skills. Your Executive Image is merely a reflection of what is on the inside. Our goal is to help bring that image into focus!

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